ISMT's New Android App! Calculate weights of your seamless tube and line pipe requirements

No more scanning through exhausting spreadsheets, tables or charts to determine weight and dimensions of your tube and pipe requirements. ISMT�s revolutionary Tube Calc is actually Three Apps in One!

First, it has a Tube Weight Calculator - Just key in two basic dimensional requirements to get the exact weight of the seamless pipe or tube. The App has options for both UK and US measurement systems and gives both per-unit weight and the total weight (in lbs or MT) when a particular length is specified.

Second, it has a dimension and weight calculator especially for your Line Pipe requirements. Just key in the nominal pipe size (NPS) / nominal bore size (NB) that you want to search for and choose from Standard Wall Thickness, Extra Strong, Double Extra Strong or the list of schedule sizes and instantly get the required line pipe weight and other dimensions.

Three, once you are done with your calculations, the app lets you send an enquiry to ISMT directly with just a tap of a button.

This comprehensive and easy to use app will save your time and efforts on both calculations and emailing enquiries, making your work more efficient and life easier.

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